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Child Care in Fayetteville, NC

Looking to enroll your child in a preschool program? Our child care facility at Cozy Corner Child Development Center in Fayetteville, NC ensures that your child is exposed to a warm environment where they can learn and grow while having fun at the same time. Your child can join our preschool program and get a head start for kindergarten. All of the individuals in our trained staff are experts in dealing with children at our day care center. They all understand the needs of preschoolers, giving each the individual attention they deserve.

We provide compassionate day care service.

At Cozy Corner Child Development Center, we expose our students to an exciting world of learning in a fun way with our childhood programs. The main focus of our program is academic achievement, self-help, and social skills. Our first priority is the development of the children in our care. We take an individualized approach to understanding the needs of each child. We then support the child through growth and learning in preparation for normal schooling. Children served in our preschool program, More-at-Four, will attend a full school day, for a full school year while participating in classrooms that meets high-quality state standards. 

Our day care center makes sure to have a solid schedule in place, with room for flexibility. This gives children a sense of structure, while also having them learn spontaneity. In addition, we teach a variety of subjects, like math, science, and beginners reading. We want our children at our child care center to expand their minds.

Cozy Corner and Jump Start are privately owned facilities providing quality care in a safe, happy and healthy environment for children ages 0-12 years old in Fayetteville, NC.  Even though we are dedicated to supervising our children, each child is given the freedom to learn and explore at our child care facility. We strive to be more than your average day care center. We want to assist you in the healthy development of your child by working with your child. Our child care facility is licensed by the state of North Carolina's division of child development and we maintain a superior environment health and safety rating. 

Enroll your child in our day care center today.

At our day care center, our mission is to allow children to play and discover the treasures of life as they grow, with positive guidance and assistance. Every child in a preschool program should be taught to respect others and their property, to practice self discipline and be determined to grow. We respect parents as the most significant providers of care and nourishment, and we value your trust in us to be an extension of your love.

Kick start your child's development at our day care center. We are proud to help the parents of Fayetteville, NC develop their child into an outstanding and smart young gentleman or lady. Stop by our child care center today or ask about the preschool program we offer.

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Cozy Corner Child Development Center is a day care center that focuses on early learning and child development. We offer before, during, and after school care. The preschool program comes with hot meals and a variety of activities in a happy and healthy environment!

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Cozy Corner Child Development Center

We're flexible:
Tue Aug 19 13:50:00 EDT 2014

We provide high-quality child care services for infants up through age 12. Call (910) 488-2259 to learn more.

We've got it all!
Fri Aug 15 13:48:00 EDT 2014

We offer child care programs before, during, and after school. Call (910) 488-2259 for more information. 

The whole person:
Fri Aug 08 13:47:00 EDT 2014

We focus on your child's social and emotional development as well as academic. Call (910) 488-2259 to learn more about our program. 

Quote of the day:
Wed Jul 23 08:45:00 EDT 2014

“We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but we can least prepare our children for the future.” –Franklin D. Roosevelt

Down to the basics:
Wed Jul 16 08:45:00 EDT 2014

We will help your child to learn and develop, preparing them for success in kindergarten. Call us today to schedule a tour of our preschool. 910-488-2259

We focus on your child as an individual.
Wed Jul 09 08:45:00 EDT 2014

We empower children to discover their individual gifts and talents, encouraging them to be the best that they can be. To learn more about our programs, call 910-488-2259.

Did you know?
Wed Jul 02 08:45:00 EDT 2014

Kids are more susceptible to heat illness than adults are because their central nervous systems are not yet fully developed. Check out this interesting article featuring summer safety tips for kids:

Summer Assistance:
Fri Jun 13 14:38:00 EDT 2014

Are you planning on starting a new summer job? Allow your child the opportunity to prepare for the schooldays with us while you’re away. Visit us for a tour and to learn more.

Fri Jun 06 14:38:00 EDT 2014

Our preschool program is free.  Find out what we can do for you and youngster while saving money and call (910) 488-2259 today.

Personalized Care:
Fri May 30 14:38:00 EDT 2014

Our professionals are highly trained and educated and will provide your child with the individual attention he or she deserves.

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